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The Invisible KiSS Links: Monster list of KiSS links, English, Japanese, and everything in-between.
Otakuworld - The Big Kiss Page: Pretty much the center of the non-japanese KiSS universe.
Forums on Otakuworld: One of the messageboards I frequently haunt. Great if you're looking for coding hints, critiques, inspiration, or people to just shoot the breeze with.


Osmosis' Access Node Alpha: GM of half the games I play in. Has other projects of his up as well.
Wyrmdog's E-bode: GM extrodinaire of the other half the games I play in. Has transcripts of gaming sessions.

Web Comics

8-Bit Theatre: Made using the sprites from the first Final Fantasy game. Updated Tue, Thur, Sat.
Mac Hall: Well drawn random hilarity. Updated Mon, Wed, Fri. (mostly)
MegaTokyo: Sad girls in snow! Updated Mon, Wed, Fri.
Penny Arcade: Hilarious comic and great info if you're into console or PC gaming. Updated Mon, Wed, Fri.
Poisonwind: Extremely well-drawn comic in manga style. Fairly confusing storyline. Updated sporadically.
PVP: As if Kurtz doesn't get pimped enough. Updated Everday.