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Submissions Due
May 15th

Download the base doll.
You need a viewer to use this file, which can be found for almost any computing platform at Otakuworld.
Send clothing submissions to

Alexis Mond - A supernatural creature hunter in a steampunk world. Every full moon she turns into a powerful werewolf, mindless and violent, killing anyone who's unfortunate enough to cross her path. Her parents succumbed to such a fate and she's forever guilty for it and seeks to destroy those like her. She also seeks a cure for her disease that she may be free of it's curse. She has found a source for the cure, but the owner is an elder vampire, ancient and powerful. She must do his will or be forever enslaved to the disease that takes control when the moon is full.

The backdrop for her trials is a steampunk world, tall stone gothic buildings augmented by metal and steam. She is a member of the nobility, the financiers of the emerging technology. Beneath their social strata are the engineers, scientists working to discover new uses for the newfound steam-powered computers and implements, and below them the peasants, those who work in the energy centers fueling the huge steam engines that power all the comforts that steam technology affords.